Force Flash Player on Youtube

Currently Slimjet doesn't include H.264 codec due to expensive royalty payment that we can't afford. One of the main problem caused by this is that a small portion of the youtube videos will only have 360p resolution available during playback.

If you experience this problem, a simple workaround is to force the use of flash player (instead of HTML5 video player) on youtube.com. The option is under the Misc section within Advanced settings on the settings page. When this option is turned on, flash player will always be used to play video on youtube and you will get all the available resolutions. You might momentarily see a black screen with white warning message saying "your browser doesn't recognize any of the video formats". This warning message can be safely ignored and flash player will come up in the next couple of seconds.

For some users, flash player might simply work better than the html5 player for their particular hardward configuration. If that's the case, you can use this option as well.